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Regularly Added Bonus Traffic
Use them to make sure you never run out of traffic when you need it


Earn More Points Per Share
Want even more traffic? Pro members get twice as many as regular members!


Access Your Points Faster
Regular members can spend their points 24hrs after sharing, you'll get yours in 1hr


Add More Assets
Remove the limitations and add more blogs and social media websites


Premium Support Via Skype
Get direct access to our support team via text chat on Skype for faster help

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You might notice, my marketing materials are grounded, down to earth and a LOT less overhyped than some other marketing products you see these days. That's because I pride myself on striving for integrity. So if you see me say something, please know - it's 100% true.

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Hey Cindy here again,

I just wanted to welcome you to Traffic Ivy and personally congratulate you on taking action today!

You've made the best move for your online business, because investing in traffic, especially a network that will only continuously grow bigger. is something that will keep on paying off for many years to come.

I know you're excited to dive in and create your first traffic campaign and get a bunch of shares started ... but, if you're willing to give me just a few minutes I'd like to share with you how to make this easier, faster and much more profitable!

Why settle for 200-400 shares of your links when you could have 2,000+ shares without any extra work!

Introducing, Traffic Ivy Pro Membership!

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What Exactly Is Added To Your Pro Account?

Once you start using Traffic Ivy and see that you're able to drive REAL (high-quality) traffic that would actually convert…you’ll want more of it – that’s a given!

But, what do you do once you have used all your points to get traffic in the first few days of being a member?

Well, one option is that you start looking for good campaigns to promote and share to earn more points, so that you can drive traffic to YOUR offers and make profits…

…the second option, however, is to upgrade to the PRO version today and get a MASSIVE bundle of traffic points added to your account month after month, so you can ensure you have a fresh supply of traffic at your fingertips the moment you need it.

Regularly Added Bonus Traffic Points

Earn More Points Per Share

Everyone’s got 24 hours in a day – yet some of us make a lot more in those 24 hours than the rest... doing the same thing.


By working smarter (not harder) and getting more out of the resources they put in.

Now… you know already that Traffic Ivy works on a points system.

You spend points on traffic by making other people share your content and you earn more points to drive traffic by sharing other people’s content.

As a Traffic Ivy Pro member – you get twice as many points per share than the basic members… giving you an even faster way to get more clicks to your URL’s

Access Your Points Faster

Traffic Ivy platform is for the professionals only.

And every professional marketer wants QUALITY

…and they deliver QUALITY to their customers as well.

That’s the main reason why they don’t mind waiting for a bit in order to ensure that they get exactly what they want and nothing short of it.

Now, to ensure things run smoothly… your earned points in Traffic Ivy are held in an escrow type holding space. This protects your traffic and make sure that the flow of traffic stays strong.

Basic members have to wait and entire 24 hours before their earned traffic points are ready to spend.

As a pro member you’ll get yours deposited and ready to use in just 1 hour!

Add More Social Media Sites & Blogs

Real Marketers understand that they need to keep growing their assets base in order to make more profits.

And that’s the reason they know how crucial it is to add assets, like blogs, social media accounts and other websites.

Our basic members are able to add ONLY 10 assets…

however, depending on your pro member level, you can now choose to add either 50 or even an unlimited amount of assets every month – growing your reach consistently.

Pro-Tip: Add ALL your blogs (and continue creating more of them) and start publishing them on the Traffic Ivy Marketplace to create a steady, yet powerful supply of non-stop REAL traffic for REAL profits…

ALL of it totally hands-free.

Premium Support Via Skype

Today the due date or the deadline for everything is - YESTERDAY.

Professional Marketers understand the value of their time (as well as that of others’). Traffic Ivy is designed to work in a manner where every next step ONLY seems obvious.

The wizard style onboarding process and step-by-step training are top-notch to help you get started right away. But quite often you just want to ask or clarify something because you don’t want to head straight in only to find that you missed a step and now have to re-do the whole process, wasting your time and energy…

Or you might get stuck sometimes … and need help ASAP. Our support team has a Special Skype Channel for our pro members and you’ll get direct access for text chat and priority turnaround.

Now, Consider This For A Moment…

We have a section of the site dedicated to handpicked traffic campaigns that are available for you to share. We're looking for great content, excellent quality and of course a solid track record in the system.

Now considering the prices people are paying for traffic...

I am sure every cell in your body is telling you that investing in Traffic Ivy was a damn smart decision and Traffic Ivy Pro is an even smarter one.

So Now Is Your Chance To Unlock ALL Of These Benefits!

If you secure your membership today, you’ll lock in the special VIP member’s discount at this special introductory offer . That said, you’re also free to cancel your membership at any time and you’ll never be billed again...

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The decision is yours.

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Traffic Ivy Pro Gold Upgrade

5,000 Points Per Month: Completely hassle free points you can use on ANY traffic whenever you need it!

Add Up To 50 Assets: Add more social accounts and of course, a LOT more WordPress blogs!

2x Points Boost: Receive more points every time you share content within our network for even more traffic

1 Hour Traffic Access: Get access to your points in an hour instead of having to wait a full 24 hours

Premium Skype Support: Receive help and faster turnaround via live text chat, for pro members only!

Gold Upgrade Options

Yours, Today... FREE!

*All Gold features will be activated in your account. A bonus 1,000 points will be added, with the remaining 4,000 added when rebill occurs in 7 days.

After the 7 days you'll receive our special low launch pricing of $27 a month. You can cancel your pro upgrade trial at any time in 7 days and you won't be billed. There are no contracts, you're able to use your pro membership as long as you like and cancel at any time.

Say suddenly one fine day you wake up and you say enough…I don’t want anymore traffic. I am sick of seeing this surge in my bank account.


Now, this is a highly unlikely event – just like when they announce on every flight you take right before taking off that “in an unlikely event of the plane landing in water…please do the following” – Lol, but then I have watched Tom Hanks starring ‘SULLY’ and I know it’s based on a true story.

If at any point you do want to stop generating traffic and cancel your subscription, just drop us a message at support and cancel your future billings.

Thank you, I really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to read this letter and hear my story on how you can tap into this massive traffic opportunity.

Taking action today is your first step to doing the same and I’m very much looking forward to reading about how you choose to use your new-found traffic success stories soon!

See you inside,

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