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So Here's My Offer:

I am sure you’ll agree that quality software like FunnelJoy cost tens of thousands of $$ to make.

Not to mention hundreds, if not the thousands of hours our team of experts put in to create it.

And for a moment let’s assume you do the tens of thousands of $$ to spend on developing software of THIS quality all Marketers NEED and have the team, man-power and hours to see it through…

Why would you want to do that when you can just click one single button…

So What Does Resellers Rights Get You Today?

Use Our Sales Page Or Create Your Own!

We have used a seasoned 7-figure copywriter to write the Sales Page you saw when you bought Funnel Joy.

We wanted to make sure that our CUSTOMERS fully understand ALL the benefits and features and realize the REAL power of this tool.

And we would like you to do the same when you offer Funnel Joy to your customers.

So, with the Reseller License you get to use the Funnel Joy Sales Page at no cost - and if you want to use your own, our support staff can guide you through the process.


Use Our Sales Videos

A sales video is NO ordinary video.

Just like the sales page… this has to be really professional (read: EXPENSIIIIIIVE).

Most customers don’t like to waste time on reading the entire page and prefer to watch the video first.

If they like what they see and hear…ONLY then they scroll down – else it's ciaooo.

The quality of the video that we have used is again top-notch and very professional, including:

- Hiring a studio
- Hiring the recording team
- Hiring the video editor
- Hiring the animation team
- Purchasing stock video files
 -Buying stock audio files.   

We didn’t want a sloppy video to ruin the experience for our customers.

Or yours!  You can use the video to tell your customers everything about Traffic Ivy…WITHOUT of course paying for any of it.

Use our Walkthrough Demo Video

Seeing is believing.

When anyone (I’m sure you too) goes through the Funnel Joy sales page and learns about this amazing website and funnel builder…they’d are quite thrilled.

But maybe they are more of a 'seeing is believing' kind of person, before they want to take the leap into investing their hard earned cash.

The walkthrough video shows them that IT IS that simple.

The video was prepared by a team of developers, designers and marketers to show the full power of Funnel Joy.

Use our walkthrough video to show your customers the simplicity and class of Funnel Joy.

And we have saved the best for the last…

Use Our Funnel Joy Support Team

Selling Funnel Joy will be the first and final step for you…

For us it is the beginning. It is the beginning of an amazing life-long experience that we offer our customers.

Our support desk is a team of highly talented and dedicated individuals who pride themselves in providing the highest standard of customer support in the market today (and honestly…they quite fanatic when it comes to being #1).

They know the product inside-out because they insisted to be a part of meetings and discussions at every stage of the tool’s development right from the start.

Any new staff joining the team has to undergo an intensive training for 4 weeks before they handle their first support ticket.

And now this highly motivated team is there to provide whatever support YOUR customers may need.

*Photo was taken May 2019 at our Wildfire Concepts company retreat.
We care for you - and will doubley care for your customers, so you can focus on getting more profits in your pockets!

Our Vision For Funnel Joy…

We have created Funnel Joy with a vision to make it the BEST and EASIEST funnel and page building software.

We want more and more people on-board.

We want budding entrepreneurs and the experienced ones to work together and grow together.

If we could…we would give these licenses out for free to everyone…

But here’s the thing…

We paid for the development cost of Funnel Joy
We paid for the ALL the marketing material like Sales Pages, Sales Videos, Page Designers, Copywriters etc.
We even pay the support team to service all OUR customers including you.

So far so good.

But… Things Take A Slight Turn With This Offer

You sell YOUR CHOICE of Funnel Joy licenses

You'll get an easy link to use ... with everything set up and ready to use including our sales pages, sales videos and walk through videos

You are not asked to pay a single penny for it.

You even get to use our Support Team to service YOUR customers…again WITHOUT contributing a dime to their salaries…

Now… When you sell Funnel Joy (and keep all the money that you get in return), new customers will be added to the platform.

But you will NOT have to provide customer support to them.

Funnel Joy support team will do that.

And to service these extra customers, we will need to hire more people.

We do not compromise on the quality of the support and other services that we provide.

So…this small amount that is being charged for the Reseller License has been worked out keeping the extra support costs that we would be incurring.

Let’s see the true value for your ladder to simple success!

FunnelJoy is the ultimate one-stop solution to ALL the problems faced by marketers trying to sell and make money online. We have proved that with this launch.

We have invested tens of thousands of $$ into the development of FunnelJoy (Not to mention the months of hard work!) And just so you know, as soon as this exclusive launch period is over, FunnelJoy will become evergreen Now that guarantees… we will be continuing to put the time, money and effort into the upgradation and maintenance of this awesome software.

So, you can rest assured that my team and I are here for a long-haul (which is already 12 years and counting) It’s just going to keep on getting better and better. Your customers are going to love it!

Funnel Joy Software:
$42,320 (total development cost so far)

Traffic Ivy Sales Page
$5,000 (paid to the copywriter & designer)

Traffic Ivy Sales Video
$2,500 (studio hire, resources and editing)

That’s $44,825 already!

But you don’t have to pay for any of this.

Now, let me show you the real potential of this opportunity here…

Main Membership: $47.97 
Upgrade To Pro:  $197.00 (now and every year they stay active)
Purchase The Kickstart Bundle: $27.00
Buy The Resellers License: $297.00

Potentially earning you $588.97 per customer! 

Let’s say you sell Funnel Joy at the lowest price allowed i.e. for $47.  

Even if you manage to sell a mere 100 copies of the main membership only…you’ll make $4,700.  Even if they don't purchase any of the upsell items (and we know they will!), you've already made more than 15x your investment! 

And you’ll get EVERYTHING you need to sell Funnel Joy.

Get started right away.

Click The Button Below To Claim Your Funnel Joy Resellers License, Activated Immediately!


Unlimited Funnels
Unlimited Visitors & Traffic
Unlimited SEO Friendly Pages
20 In-Built Templates
[+] 10 Funnel Methods Video Series
[+] Blueprints & Companion Cheatsheets
[+] Facebook Marketing Community Access
[+] Live Weekly Webinar Training




Unlimited Funnels
Unlimited Visitors & Traffic
Unlimited SEO Friendly Pages
40 In-Built Templates
[+] 10 Funnel Methods Video Series
[+] Blueprints & Companion Cheatsheets
[+] Facebook Marketing Community Access
[+] Live Weekly Webinar Training
[+] Invite team members (Manager/Editor Roles)
[+] Create sub accounts



Thank you again!  Your membership is available on the next page :)   

Please be really sure resellers license isn't for you before leaving the page.  I know, it's been a bit of an epic journey getting here - but this offer is something I can't guarantee I'll keep open for long, so if you still see the buy button there... now is your chance! 

Again, I really appreciate you joining Funnel Joy and look forward to seeing you in the Facebook group and in our awesome community! 

PS: Are you really prepared to jump on this amazing opportunity?

This is the first and ONLY time we’re going to offer these Reseller Rights for such a low single payment. If you want the opportunity to put money into your pocket with a high-quality product that your customers are going to love you for - Without any of the normal hassles, costs, time or effort this normally requires, now is your ONLY time to jump in. Remember, you can never regret taking action that leads to profit. So, DON’T miss out!

P.P.S. Remember there are only 100 spots available. Click above to secure yours now (provided there is still some available).

P.P.P.S.  Your resellers licenses will be activated on June 4th, once our launch has closed - or... when we reach 100 reseller license sales (whichever comes first).  You will be contacted via email with your links and all of the training you need to make this work for you.

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